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New products come | 500MHz,2GSa/s,2Gpts depth Digital Oscilloscope DPO7000 Series is coming!
April 28, 2023
Hantek released a new Digital Oscilloscope in April 2023.10.1 inch multi-touch capacitive screen, 256 level waveform gray scale and color temperature display, 500MHz bandwidth, 2GSa/s sampling rate, 2G memory depth, 500.000wfms/s waveform capture rate; With a 25MHz waveform generator, supporting arbitrary wave output; 41 kinds of automatic measurement, providing full memory hardware measurement function; Rich serial protocol triggering and decoding functions; Multiple data analysis and processing functions; Integrate the functions of 7 instruments, significantly simplify the measurement system and speed up the measurement; Rich configuration interfaces are provided for more convenient use; It is a reliable oscilloscope that can provide you with professional measurement.
2G memory depth
Ultra-long memory depth of 2G. Fully understand waveform overall and details, will not lose any accidental events and waveform changes.
Serial bus triggering and decoding
Provides bus triggering and decoding functions, supports multiple protocols RS232, I2C, SPI, LIN, CAN and can decode and display bus protocol information quickly and intuitively.
Waveform digital fluorescent display
Provide digital fluorescence multi-level waveform grayscale display effect, which can help users quickly find potential anomalies in the signal.
25MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator
Waveform generator, integrated with a variety of commonly used built-in waveforms, supports customized arbitrary waveform, arbitrary wave burst output, and modulated waveform output.
Area trigger function
By drawing the region, you can set the region trigger. The region trigger can simplify the operation of advanced trigger and quickly isolate the waveform of interest.
Test parameter function
5-digit digital voltmeter and 6-digit hardware frequency meter function; Real-time statistics of minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation and other information enable you to execute tests more efficiently.
Quick operation function
The shortcut operation panel including 15 common functions can be opened with one button without searching. Make the operation faster and the measurement more efficient.